Frequently Asked Questions


Is the TSM a racist organization?

Is the TSM anti-government?

What rifle do you recommend?

Texas State Militia is NOT a racist organization. As per our Zero Tolerance policy, we reject any type of racism whatsoever. All races are encouraged to join the Texas State Militia. 
No, Texas State Militia is NOT anti-government. Our organization supports local and state government along with local and state law enforcement. Our mission is to help maintain the rule of law and to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. 
Texas State Militia does not recommend a specific caliber or platform. We do recommend that your rifle has iron sites as well as an option to use a scope. Your unit CO may make specific recommendations.

​Is the TSM a political or religious org?

​Does the TSM charge fees or dues?

Does the TSM charge fees for training?

Texas State Militia is neither political nor a religious organization. We believe both these topics to be divisive in an organizational setting.
Texas State Militia may hire qualified third party instructors or facilities for training exercises. Instructor fees and facility fees are paid by the participant directly to the third party. Texas State Militia does not receive any payment, commission or percentage from third party instructors or facilities 
No, Texas State Militia does not charge membership fees.

​Does the TSM have a State Commander?

I went to Is that the Texas State Militia?

No, Texas State Militia does not have a State Commander. TSM is comprised of individual, autonomous units that are bound together by common ideology, name, mission statement and bylaws.
No, Texas State Militia is NOT affiliated with Texas Militia in any way.​
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